Grant Guidelines Policy

ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters Grants : Event Support Funding Policy

Funds are available from the ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapters Committee’s (PSCC) Events Sub-Committee to assist with special or unique events that might be difficult or impossible for a chapter to produce without financial support from other sources. Maximum funding for each event request is $1,000US for a loan, or $200US for a grant.

These funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the funds have been exhausted for a particular year, we will no longer accept new requests.

  1. Chartered ACM SIGGRAPH Professional or Student Chapters are eligible to apply for funding for chapter-related events.
  2. In-Formation Professional or Student Chapters are eligible to apply for grant funding for their first meeting.
  3. Applications must be submitted by the sponsoring chapter.
  4. Chapter events eligible for funding should be special, one-time events that are not part of your regular programming schedule. These could include:
    • Conferences
    • Workshops
    • Seminars
    • Speaker Series
    • Screenings
    • Hardware/Software Exhibits
    • Panel discussions
    • Guest speakers
    • Performances
    • Art Shows
    • Gallery Openings
    • Party/Receptions
    • Facility Visits
  5. ACM SIGGRAPH members must be charged the same entry fee as chapter members for funded events.
  6. Applications must be made using the PSCC’s Events Sub-Committee Request for Funding Form.
  7. Applications must be received by the ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters Events Sub-Committee Chair at least six weeks prior to the event. Applications will be circulated to the Events Sub-Committee for review and feedback. Final approval or rejection of the application will be made by the ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters Sub-Committee no more than four weeks after receipt of the application.
  8. You are not required to repay a grant. However, if a chapter realizes a profit on an event that they received a loan for, we ask that they repay as much of the original loan as the event profit allows. This will replenish the Event Support Fund and allow other chapters the opportunity to apply for and receive event grants and loans.
  9. Chapters must file an Event Support Final Report, including relevant receipts, for all funded expenses, no later than six weeks following the conclusion of the event. If there is a profit, the event loan (whole or partial) must be returned with the final report. This form will be emailed to your point of contact after your event.