Chapter Resources

Run a Chapter

Being a part of the ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH network of chapters includes fulfilling a set of responsibilities and meeting expectations that ultimately benefit all of the chapters within our network. The guidelines section provides detailed documents to help familiarize all chapter leaders with these items.  The “For Leaders” section provides a set of handy links to useful tools and information that may exist on other sites such as ACM, ACM SIGGRAPH or a SIGGRAPH conference site.  The “At The Conference” section describes the activities organized by the PSCC for Chapter Leaders at the SIGGRAPH conferences.  Finally since all chapter leaders are ACM SIGGRAPH members there is a “For Members” section containing useful links to some of the members-only content.

Where to Get Help

There are a lot of volunteers and resources to support you with the help you may need to make your chapter a success.  

Here are some common questions/requests and the correct entity to contact for help.