Website Guidelines

Is your chapter using the WordPress template provided by the PSCC? If so, please refer to the ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter Template Directions PDF.

If you have further questions or do not have the new template but would like to use it for your chapter, please contact the PSCC.

ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters Network : Web Site Guidelines, Version 1.0

The creation and maintenance of ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters’ Web sites has been identified as a major issue for our chapters since each chapter needs to satisfy several organizations, and each chapter is responsible for editing its own Web site. Each chapter’s Web site, even though it is intended to serve the local graphics community, must also satisfy the missions and goals of the chapters, ACM SIGGRAPH, and ACM. In an effort to help the chapters with this task, a committee was formed. This is the initial set of guidelines prepared by the ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters Web Site Committee. They are intended to guide the development and maintenance of the ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapters Web sites. These guidelines are a living document so it is expected that they will evolve over time to suit the needs and purposes of the Chapters and ACM SIGGRAPH.

  • Overall goal of a chapter Web site
    • Chapter Web sites should be specifically for the ACM SIGGRAPH Professional/Student Chapter. The overall feel/impact of the chapter site cannot be used for promotion of a different organization/event coupled with use of the ACM SIGGRAPH name/branding. Having a news/partners/sponsors section is permitted, but this also should be as inclusive to interested local parties as possible. In other words it is not okay to give preferential treatment to a company/organization/event due to any previous/current affiliations of the ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter board members.
  • Typical site structure
    • main
      The home or front page. For a typical html Web site, this would be the index.html at the root of the Web site. The main page then has links to the following other pages:

      • about
        The “About Us” page.
      • contact
        The “Contact Us” page.
      • membership
        The page that contains membership information.
      • events
        A page or section that describes the events of the chapter.
  • Required Web site content
    Notes: [brackets] are used to denote where on the site these elements should be. When multiple locations are possible, they are separated by “|”.

    • Information that should appear in the chapter’s Web site
      • Chapter name [on all pages]
      • Description [about|main]
        • This page should have between one and three paragraphs that explain the chapter’s purposes / goals and its mission.
      • Officers [contact|about]
        • This page should list the chapter officers, board members, and committee chairs.
      • Contact [main|contact|about]
        • This page must provide a form to contact the chapter.
          Avoid exposing emails on Web pages to prevent spam. Chapters are free to use various solutions to hiding their e-mail and mailman list addresses, but they are required to not have these addresses as clear text in any page on their Web site or public chapter documents.
        • Please see the Template guidelines for further implementation details.
      • Events Listing [main|events]
        • Up-to-date listing of past and future events
        • It may be a single page or a multiple pages depending on the size of the chapter and events it produces.
      • Membership [main|membership]
        • The page that contains membership information for the chapter, including membership terms / benefits and cost, as well as explanations on how to become a member.
      • Bylaws [main|about]
        • This page should have viewable or downloadable bylaws.
        • If a chapter is not able to find their bylaws, ACM should have a copy of these. Chapters should contact the ACM Local Activities Coordinator at ACM for a copy of their bylaws. Use this e-mail:
        • Chapters should read their bylaws to see if they are still up to date before putting them on their Web site. The bylaws should include the procedure to follow to modify them.
    • Links to sites outside of the chapter’s Web site
      • Parent organizations
        So that chapter leaders and members can get a better sense of the whole organization.

        • The parent organizations requirements also apply to social networking tools that the chapters use (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Flicker, Youtube, etc.)
        • ACM [main|about]
          Use this link
        • ACM SIGGRAPH [main|about]
          Use this link
      • Conferences
        • See this page to get the correct links to the upcomming conferences.
        • SIGGRAPH [main]
        • SIGGRAPH Asia [main]
    • Fonts, logos, spelling
      • The fonts, logos and spelling requirements also apply to social networking tools that the chapters use (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Flicker, Youtube, etc.)
      • Correct capitalization of ACM, ACM SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia
        See this page for more information:
      • Chapter name
        • <City>ACM SIGGRAPH
        • Exceptions
          • These are handled on a case by case basis by the PSCC.
          • Chapters with a chartered “region” name use <region> instead of <city>.
          • After approval from the PSCC, chapters may elect to use an abbreviation for their official city chapter name (e.g., NYC for New York City). Chapters can request one such abbreviation, not numerous ones.
        • It is important that chapters follow this style guide on their Web site and in their other documentations:

      • Logos
        • Must follow requirements of logo owner.
        • See this page for more information:

    • URL
      • <city>
        Cities with multiple words in their name should use a dash (-) as the separator between words.
        (for example
      • All chapter Web sites whether hosted on or not should look like they are hosted there. Meaning all URLs within the site should appear in the viewers browser as <city> See the template for more details on how to do this.
      • Exceptions
        • These are handled on a case by case basis by the PSCC.
        • Student chapters use <edu-prefix>
          Where edu-prefix when combined with .edu resolves to the home page of the parent University of the chapter (for example for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).
        • Student chapters can have more than one edu-prefix that all resolve to their chapter Web site if requested.
        • As for the chapter name, chapters with a chartered “region” name use <region> instead of <city>;
        • As for the chapter name, in addition (not instead of) – a chapter can use a pre-approved abbreviation for <city> (e.g for New York City) with approval from the PSCC. This approval is important because we need to ensure that there are no conflicts with other possible ACM SIGGRAPH Web sites.
      • ACM can acquire relevant URLs such as,,, etc. if requested. Country specific URLs, such as .ca and .fr should not be registered to a single chapter and are required to display a page with links to the Web sites of all the ACM SIGRAPH chapters of that specific country.
    • Strongly Recommended Content
      • Pages
        • Separate Contact and About pages
          • Information on how to subscribe to the chapter’s mailing lists
          • Additional info on Mailman lists can be found at
      • Links
        • Organizations
          • ACM SIGGRAPH contact page [main|about] So that chapter leaders and members can find help for questions outside of chapters domain. Use this link
          • ACM SIGGRAPH PSCC [main|about] Use this link
    • Optional Content (as of 1 January 2012)
      • Pages
        • Sponsors [main|membership]
        • News [main|news]
        • Resources (howtos, tutorials, local industries, jobs)
        • Contact [main|contact]
          • This page could provide phone and postal contact information for the chapter. It could also provide information on how to contact chapter board members and committee chairs.

Should a chapter have problems implementing these guidelines, they must contact the ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters Chair and Web Site Committee Chair. Some examples of past problems include university specific rules for student chapters or language specific issues for non-English language chapters.

This page is maintained by the ACM SIGGRAPH Professional & Student Chapters Committee (PSCC). If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about these pages, please e-mail the PSCC at: pscc at siggraph dot org.