ACM Chapters

The information you find below will be related directly to ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters and Leaders. For any questions specific to ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH, see the links above.

Question Answer
There is not a chapter in my area. How do I start one? Read the information here, follow the steps listed, and let us know of your interest through email. We will work with you to apply for the ACM Chapter Charter.

For those interested in starting a Student Chapter, please also fill out this form.

Why do chapter leaders have to pay for both an ACM and an ACM SIGGRAPH membership? These memberships are required by both ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH policies and procedures. These cannot be waived.
Does ACM SIGGRAPH provide website hosting for chapters? ACM SIGGRAPH offers chapters fee-free hosting via managed/hosted setup with WordPress installed. You create and manage the chapter website yourself while following the ACM SIGGRAPH website guidelines, social-media guidelines and other ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM policies.
Can I get @siggraph.org e-mail address for my chapter?
We can provide mailing lists (LISTSERV) and forwarding aliases for your chapter with @siggraph.org addresses. For more info please see Chapter-In-A-Box
What is the difference between using “ACM SIGGRAPH” and “SIGGRAPH”?
ACM SIGGRAPH refers to the organization while SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia refers to those respective annual SIGGRAPH Conferences.
There is an issue with our chapter website or mailing lists, whom do I contact? Contact PSCC Information Services Chair
Our listing in the chapters directory is incorrect, how do we fix it? First try updating your chapter information in the ACM Chapters Administrative Database and wait 24 hours. If the issue is not resolved Contact PSCC Information Services Chair
How do I log in to fill out my Annual Chapter Report? You should receive an email with details. You can log in from the ACM website, and if you have trouble, you should contact ACM at local_activities@hq.acm.org.
Can students from different universities in the same town form one chapter? Typically we discourage this because universities don’t like to share their resources with students from other schools. The ideal scenario is to form a regional professional chapter with student membership.
How am I allowed to use the ACM SIGGRAPH name in emails and on social media? Please see the social media guidelines